Prof. WU on ISR Survey Research Center Seminar

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Prof.  Wu Xiaogang paid a visit to the Institute for Social Research at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor from Jan 31 to Feb 3, 2010. He spoke at the ISR Survey Research Center Seminar Feb. 2 on “Social Inequality in China’s Higher Education Expansion.”


ISR strengthens international ties

Chinese social scientist Xiaogang Wu,above, spoke at an SRC ResearchStaff Seminar Feb. 2 on “Social In-equality in China’s Higher EducationExpansion.” The presentation wasthe second to feature visiting Chinesesocial scientists -- an indication of thegrowing importance of internationalsocial science collaborations.

The visits occur as a new Internation-al Social Research Program, jointlysponsored by the ISR Survey Re-search Center and the ISR PopulationStudies Center, is being planned. Theprogram would build on existing ISRinternational initiatives and also seekto establish new research and educa-tion partnerships around the world.On-going programs and capabilityalready exist in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, and China, for ex-ample, providing a strong base for theproposed new program.

Wu, a PSC research afliate who was a post-doctoral fellow here from2001-2003, now directs the Center for Applied Social and EconomicResearch at the Hong Kong Univer-sity of Science & Technology. He isthe Principal Investigator of the HongKong Panel Study of Social Dynam-ics, recently funded by the Hong KongGovernment. “One reason I’m here isto learn from the PSID,” he explained.
At the talk, Wu discussed reasons for  starting the fi rst wave of a longitudinal survey of 186,000 college students from 15 universities in Beijing.

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Posted by Gloria HE on Wednesday, February 03, 2010