Flash News on Second Consultation Meeting


The Second Consultation Meeting was held on March 5 2010 from 9:30 am to 5pm at the main conference room of the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government. The purposes were to seek input and advice from government bureaus and local communities before we finalize the questionnaires, and to brainstorm the sampling design and fieldwork operation. Participants included Professor Yu Xie from Department of Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Prof. Junsen ZHANG from Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Prof. Raymond WONG from Division of Social Science, HKUST; Prof. Tony TAM from Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mr. Yi JunJian from Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr. Billy LI from Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR Government; Miss Trista LIM from Labor and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR Government; Miss Christine CHOW from Family Council, HKSAR Government; Miss Patricia WOO, Miss Josephine TSE, Miss Florence FONG, and Mr. Richard WONG from Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government. We reviewed all items of the questionnaire and discussed the sampling method, sample size and timeline for the HKPSSD. A pilot study will be needed to validate the questionnaire and test the survey administrative procedures.

第二次香港社會動態咨詢會議於2010年3月5日早上9時30分至下午5時於香港政府中央政策組的主會議室舉行。這次會議的目的是聽取政府部門和本地社區機構對問卷調查的意見,並討論抽樣設計和田野調查的要點。參與者包括密芝根大學社會學系謝宇教授、香港中文大學經濟系張俊森教授、香港科技大學社會科學院黃善國教授、香港中文大學社會學系譚康榮教授、香港中文大學經濟系博士生易君健先生、統計署高級統計師李若谷博士、勞工福利局林美儀小姐、民政事務署 Miss Christine Chow,以及中央政策組的同事。我們討論了問卷、抽樣設計、樣本大小、和時間表。另外,我們需要試點研究以測驗問卷的效度和檢視調查的程序。

Posted by Chloe on Sunday, March 07, 2010